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Men’s Surf Clothing: The 4 Must Have’s

So, you’re getting into surfing, but you’re not sure where to start? You may be asking questions such as ‘do I buy a surfboard first’, or ‘where’s the best place to surf’ and those are both reasonable, fair questions. I mean after all; you need a surfboard that you can get on and some waves to surf on. However, being in the right surf gear is just as important, as ultimately, it’s going to help you keep protected and warm, as well as make you look cooler than anyone else at the beach.  We’ve compiled five essential items of clothing that we feel you need if you’re starting to get into surfing, or if you’re looking to upgrade your current gear.

Firstly, to talk about surfing fashion in modern day times, it’s important we look back to the roots and see how surfing fashion has evolved over the past 50 years.

Surfer style erupted in the mid-1960’s during The Beach Boys’ prime years. The style of clothing at the time was bright, colourful and eccentric, which is shown through some of The Beach Boys’ videos. In this regard, a lot of surfer style has changed, however, in others, it hasn’t. Today’s surf wear embraces bright and bold colours just like it always has, but shorts are a lot looser and fall closer to the knee in today’s fashion realm. The 90s and 00s, saw an obsession with super long board shorts that came well below the knee, however, men’s boardshorts are trending back toward the shorter lengths, which is a more traditional style. The technical, quick drying fabrics we have today are much thinner and relaxed than the thick polyester suits around back in the 60s and 70s, showing that surfer style has become even more casual over the years in this regard.

Now that we’ve gone through a small history lesson of surf culture, let’s take a look at the must have’s all surfers need to have nowadays.

Board Shorts

In beach towns across England, these take the place of jeans, joggers, and your suit and tie. In the summer, you’ll get strange looks from other surfers or beachgoers if you’re not wearing a pair of board shorts. This surfer staple is your chance to pick any colour, style or pattern you want on them and in a way, let’s everyone know about your individuality and identity. You could play it safe with black, but where’s the fun in that? Lost Enterprises Europe has a wide selection of boardshorts, which you should take a look at if you fancy purchasing a pair.


Tees are an essential choice for any occasion, especially the beach, where style rules are relaxed a little and you can go as flamboyant or as relaxed as you want. Do you feel like wearing a plain white t-shirt, or a camo tie dye t-shirt? Sunset scenes, women with grass-skirts, waves, floral prints: whatever looks cool to you. Take a look at what we offer on the Lost Enterprises Europe website.

Flannels and Woven Shirts

Surf culture and the beach lifestyle is defined by what happens in the day-time, but anyone who’s spent a lot of time by the ocean knows that one of the best parts of the beach day is the bonfire after the sun sets. However, that cool ocean breeze can send a chill through you and it’s always best to bring a flannel or woven shirt with you. Even if it’s sunny outside, a brisk wind can put a damper on your beach-time. As well as being sensible and keeping warm, if you’re in a sea-side town, a flannel, board shorts, and flip-flops is considered relatively fancy enough to head to dinner with.


Hats are another vital aspect to surf culture, as they have the purpose of keeping the sun out of your eyes and helping you look even cooler than you already do. Whether it be a bucket hat, a trucker hat or a huge straw hat, a hat is essential, and we have a wide variety of trucker hats available on the Lost Enterprises Europe site now.

So, if you’ve just read this and feel like you need some new gear, feel free to visit We guarantee you won’t regret it.