Welcome to...Lost Enterprises - Refusing to sell out since '91 or '93

...Lost Origins

The ..lost story began in 1985 when Matt Biolos and a bunch of school friends were just doing their own thing, snowboarding at Mt. Baldy, skateboarding at the Pipeline in Upland, and surfing in Dana Point.  They called themselves  "team lost". Thus the name ...lost got scribbled on books, t-shirts, benches, tables and eventually clothing.

Matt’s first surfboard he shaped was called a ‘Ratz Ass’, as in I don't give a ...... His second surfboard was labelled Mayhem- synonymous with their subversive attitude. By 1992, Matt began putting his art on T-Shirts with a ...lost logo. …Lost grew to make trunks, shorts, pants, hats, jackets, and snowboard gear.

 In 1993 …lost made its first video, Momentum III, which showcased the fledgling surf, skate and snowboard teams along with everyone who lived at the …lost House. The video, was meant to be a joke and only for their friends, but its popularity led them to produce their first real video titled What's Really Goin On in 1995.

 The original lost house had the lost ramp out back and lost Enterprises operated out of the living room. This lasted until the house was condemned in 1996 and lost moved to San Clemente.

 “Since those wild beginnings, …lost has spread slowly across the world but continues to run off the same philosophy it started with. The…lost thinking now flows through its art, music, films, athletes and clothing - but that sounds like some PR firm wrote that for us.                                                                              So …Lost is whatever you think it is."—Matt Biolos